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GATE Testing


In accordance with Board Policy, the Huntington Beach City School District continually seeks to develop the special abilities and talents of each pupil. In order to achieve this goal, instructional programs are designed to meet the special needs of students as appropriate. The program for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is one such intervention. GATE services involve grouping students of similar ability in order to involve them in an educational experience that is challenging and appropriate to their needs and achievement levels.


Eligibility for GATE services is based on several measures, combined to provide a full profile of students who may most benefit from participation in an accelerated program that extends and enriches the core curriculum, while stimulating thinking skills at an advanced cognitive level. The measures and criteria established for GATE identification are displayed on the GATE Identification Criteria document provided by this link.


If you have any questions contact Debbie Bartlett in the GATE office at (714) 964-8888 ext. 2036.




Please note that district policy limits the number of times a student may be assessed to a maximum of two times between first and seventh grade.


Children who qualify for placement in the program will be placed in the fall of the following school year.