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Sitton Spelling

Sitton Spelling

Moffett School is implementing Sitton Spelling by EPS, a division of School Specialty, in grades 1st - 5th.  The program emphasizes correct spelling in everyday writing, not just for an end-of-the-week test. 

Sitton Spelling ensures students’ transfer of spelling skills through:

  • Students’ discovery of spelling skills and concepts through word collection and analysis
  • Spelling mastery of high frequency writing words with the help of formative assessment
  • A focus on students’ proofreading accountability

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No Excuse Words

“No Excuse” words are those for which students are held accountable—students are expected to spell these words correctly in all of their everyday writing. These words are taken from the list of core high-frequency words from the Rebecca Sitton Spelling Program. These are the groups of words which we hope each student will master by the end of his/her grade level. Spelling is both a developmental and highly individualized skill so not all classes or all children will have the same number of priority words at any given time.